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Explore Diverse Study Modes: Full-time, Part-time, Online, and In-person Learning Options


Fully immerse yourself in learning and change your career with Web Development or Data Science Coding Bootcamp.

Full-time Coding Bootcamps


Improve your skills through evening and part-time courses or beginner-friendly workshops. Learn to code step by step.

Part-time Courses


Study in-person or join online from anywhere in the world. Most of our courses are hybrid. Learning to code has never been easier.

Online & In-person


Are you interested in tech and enjoy creating?

Students of Coding Bootcamp Praha come from all types of professional and academic backgrounds - from marketing, finance and law, fresh graduates, manual professions, assistants, teachers to business developers and startup founders. Just to name a few. A common trait? Passion for tech and desire to change their career path. Why did Coding Bootcamp Praha students choose our courses? Did they find a job and change their career? How was their coding bootcamp experience? Watch the videos to learn more.

Daniela Zelinkova, Slovakia

'The instructors were amazing, helpful, smart and funny. They are really great at what they are doing and can actually teach.'

Daniela Zelinkova, Slovakia

Rutger Beerens, Netherlands

'Participating at the Coding Bootcamp Prague was one of the best decisions of my life. It’s like pushing the fast forward button in learning.'

Rutger Beerens, Netherlands

Change your career to IT

Coding Bootcamp Praha helps you find your dream job.
Our Career Team is with you at every step of the journey.

Job Guarantee: How does it work and which coding bootcamps are eligible? Learn more >

Are you looking for new colleagues?

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Curious about post-bootcamp career paths? Our graduates excel in transitioning to IT, upskilling for promotion, and launching successful startup MVPs.

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Change your career to IT

Get help from our Career Team, change your career and become a web developer or data scientist.

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Upskill and get promoted

Boost your job efficiency and value by learning digital skills, unlocking new opportunities in the digital age.

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Launch a startup project

Learn programming to create an MVP for your startup project and bring your vision to life.

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Fees & Financing

Choose a payment plan best tailored to your budget. At Coding Bootcamp Praha, we believe in making education accessible without financial barriers.

Full flexibility. Pay in 1 or 2 instalments or choose the Pay Later plan.
100% safety. Web Developer Coding Bootcamp with a Job Guarantee.

Choose this plan and utilise all the available discounts.

Pay in multiple instalments

Available for these courses:
Web Development Coding Bootcamp (Fullstack and Frontend paths)
Data Science Coding Bootcamp

Choose this plan and split the payment of the tuition fee into several instalments.

Choose this plan and defer paying a majority of the tuition fee after the bootcamp. After completing the bootcamp, the student pays back in monthly instalments. This plan is available to all participants with the Czech citizenship or Czech permanent residency.

Pay Later with 50 000 Kč MPSV support

Available for these courses:
Web Development Coding Bootcamp (Fullstack and Frontend paths)
Data Science Coding Bootcamp

Get 50,000 CZK from the Labour Office (payable after you successfully complete the course). This support is available for anyone (whether employed, student or unemployed) who is a tax resident in the Czech Republic. You must be accepted to the bootcamp and apply at the Labour Office max 30 days before the bootcamp starts. Find out how it works: Learn more >

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