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We prepare our students to succeed

Solve real world problems

Our bootcamp is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to start a successful career in data science. You'll gain practical experience with data science tools by solving real business challenges in finance, energy, communications, and other industries.

High demand by employers

Data science is a rapidly growing field. You'll learn all phases of the data science pipeline from defining the task, solving it, and presenting it. But we don’t just teach the skills. We give you the resources and connections you need to start your data science career.

Bigger picture: ML & AI

After taking this course, you'łl be ready to tackle business problems from data science perspective. Extract meaningful information from large datasets and explore topics like machine learning (ML), deep learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) for your future success.

Picture of Michal Ambler
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Michal Ambler, Manager at Advanced Analytics at EY
Mentor at Data Science Bootcamp

"Data science is increasingly important for business decision making. It can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour and market trends that can help companies make better decisions. That's why we look forward to helping students gain knowledge in data science."

Get a career in data science

Coding Bootcamp Praha helps you find your dream job.
Our Career Team is with you at every step of the journey.

Who is a Data Scientist? What can they do? Learn more >

Study Options: The Best of Online and In-Person Learning

Are you a beginner or have you already been studying programming? The full course consists of 4 weeks of online part-time evening preparation, followed by 4 weeks of fulltime studies. If you're a beginner, you can either sign up for the Full Data Science Bootcamp or Fundamentals of programming. In case you are already experienced in Python and SQL, you can sign up directly for the Intensive Data Science Bootcamp Only.


Fundamentals + Intensive Bootcamp


Programming for data science: Python & SQL


Immersive Data Science Bootcamp


Introduction to Python

Introduction to SQL

Data Science Tools & Techniques

Programming for Data Science

Machine Learning

Final Portfolio Project

Demo Day

Career Support

Realtime Teaching & Mentoring

Access to Classroom & Kitchenette

Study Mode

In-person & Online info_outline

Online info_outline

In-person & Online info_outline

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Fees & Financing

Pay in 1 instalment

You can pay the tuition fee in one go and utilise the available discounts.

Pay in 2 instalments

You can split the tuition fee into 2 payments.

Pay later

Are you on a tight budget? Pay the majority of the tuition afterwards.

Get 50,000 CZK Financial Support

Apply for a financial support available for all residents in the Czech Republic


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Data Science Course Syllabus

After taking the Data Science Full Course, you will gain practical experience with data science tools used in solving real world tasks. You will get a hand-on experience with all data science phases from tasks definition and model design, through model training and evaluation of its quality and presentation of results.

Learn the basics of programming in Python

Explore key programming concepts in Python, including variables, lists, loops, dictionaries, and data types. Work with Pandas dataframes and visualise data in Seaborn and Power BI.


Course Dates

Full Data Science Bootcamp: Fundamentals + Intensive Bootcamp


This course consists of a part-time online preparatory module, followed by intensive in-person or online studies. This course is the most popular study choice for anyone looking into a career in data science. Fundamentals (Online), 4 Weeks Evening Course: Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00 Intensive Bootcamp (In-person & Online), 4 Weeks Fulltime Course: Monday - Friday, each day 9:00 - 17:00
+ Saturday 9 March for Winter Batch (5.2.-28.3.2024). This is due to this batch ending on 28 March before the bank holidays on 29 March.

Fundamentals: Introduction to Python and SQL


This course is designed as a preparation for the Intensive Bootcamp but can also be studied on its own. Fundamentals (Online), 4 Weeks Evening Course: Tuesday and Thursday, 18:00 - 20:00

Intensive Boocamp Only: Data Science


This course is designed for participants who previously studied Python and SQL and are ready to apply this knowledge in the field of data science. During the application process you will be asked to assess your knowledge. Intensive Bootcamp (In-person & Online), 4 Weeks Fulltime Course: Monday - Friday, each day 9:00 - 17:00
+ Saturday 9 March for Winter Course (5.2.-28.3.2024). This is due to this batch ending on 28 March before the bank holidays on 29 March.

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FAQ | Ask us

1. What is Data Science and what does a Data Scientist do?
Data Science is an ever-evolving field that involves analyzing large data sets and applying algorithms to find ways of gaining useful insights from them. Data Scientists apply creative problem solving skills to a wide range of disciplines such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, and AI technology in order to extract meaningful information from data. More and more organizations are leveraging their data to make informed business decisions, which is why Data Science has become particularly relevant nowadays. With the rise of big data, businesses have access to vast amounts of structured and unstructured data which can be used to gain unique insights into operations, customer behavior and overall performance. The application possibilities are virtually endless and being able to acquire the resources necessary to excel in this field has become more accessible than ever. Learn more about roles in Data Science >
2. What will I know after the Data Science Bootcamp?
Graduate of Full Data Science Course:

  • Can work in Python on intermediate analytical tasks using best practice libraries – data ingestion, preparation, model training and evaluation. Can use basic SQL commands to ingest and transform data. Knows how to use documentation to expand their skills in specific areas of the language.
  • Understands the use of ML models and their purpose in typical data science use cases. Understands inner workings of the models to the level of informed user and can explain their differences.
  • Can challenge task definition in case it is incomplete, does not make sense or is too broad. Can ask business counterparts common-sense questions in order to gain enough understanding to choose the right data science approach and plan necessary steps to solve the task.
  • Can communicate results to general audience as its members do not possess understanding of data science basics.
  • Has enough understanding of data science approach and methods to continue deeper learning in chosen area later.
  • DOES NOT go deep into understanding the math behind complex ML models.
  • DOES NOT go into an advanced programming concepts.
3. Is there any career support available?
Making the jump from one career to another is always a big decision, and it can be intimidating to switch into a field like data science. Data science offers lucrative job opportunities as well as the chance to work at solving fascinating problems with cutting-edge technology. But how to get your foot in the door? Coding Bootcamp Praha team is here to support you at every step of your journey to change career into data science. Our career support services include workshops on developing your resume and portfolio, interview presentational skils, networking events to meet potential employers, mock interviews with qualified professionals, and help with understanding the market landscape.
4. Is the programme suitable for beginners?
Our Full Data Science Course is designed for beginners who have a curious mind, enjoy developing the analytical side of their brains, and are willing to work hard during their studies. If you already have a basic familiarity with programming logic it is useful, however, the first part of the course is designed to teach the basics of programming in Python. In case you already feel confident at your knowledge of Python and SQL, then you can directly apply for the Intensive Data Science Bootcamp Only. For the majority of our students we recommend to sign up for the full course as it is designed to accommodate people from all backgrounds regardless of their previous experience.
5. What are the payment options?
There are 3 payment options available. Firstly, you can choose the one payment plan, which allows you to utilise the discounted tuition fee. Secondly, you can choose the two payment plan. The first payment is due at the time of acceptance. The second payment is due 10 days before the intensive bootcamp. Thirdly. you can choose the Pay Later plan, which allows you to pay the majority of the tuition fee after the course. This plan is split into 1st instalment at the time of acceptance and 4 future payments after the bootcamp. Learn more about the Payment Options >
6. What are the study hours and can I study in-person or online?
The Full Data Science Course consists of a part-time online preparatory module (Fundamentals), followed by intensive in-person studies (Intensive Data Science Bootcamp). The Fundamentals preparation takes 4 weeks and is part-time during the evenings. This part of the course is taught online, so that you can save time commuting and can focus on studying the basics. The teaching hours are on Tuesday nad Thursday, between 18:00 - 20:00. Furthermore, you get exercises and readings to do outside of these study hours, so that you can practise and solidify your knowledge. Afterwards, you join us for the Intensive Data Science Bootcamp, which takes another four weeks. This part of the course is taught both in-person as well as online to foster team collaboration and communication, since most of the tasks and projects are done in groups. The teaching hours are 9:00 - 17:00, each day between Monday - Friday.
7. What is the teaching language?
Data Science Bootcamp can be studied both in English and in Czech. Choose a course either denoted EN (English) or CZ (Czech). However, keep in mind that when you sign up for the Czech-taught course you're expected to have working knowledge of English, so that you read study materials in English and research the Internet without being limited to Czech resources only. If you're comfortable reading in English, then that's a sufficient level. For the English-taught course we expect you to be comfortable both reading and speaking in English at all times throughout the course.
8. Is there any certificate?
Yes, after successfully completing the bootcamp, you will receive a signed certificate of completion. A data science bootcamp is a great way to obtain the skills and knowledge needed to get up and running in the data science industry. You can use the certificate to demonstrate your skills and showcase what you have learnt on LinkedIn (or similar). Achieving this certification is an excellent way of validating your credentials and showcasing your commitment to learning, making yourself highly attractive candidates for many jobs.
9. What equipment I need?
You need a laptop with a webcam and a reliable Internet connection. In case you're not sure whether your laptop can handle all the tools you will be using during the programme, feel free to send us your computer specification (your OS, processors, and memory) and we will let you know our opinion. However, in most cases any modern laptop should do just fine.
10. When should I apply?
Regarding the ideal time to apply, then we recommend to apply as soon as possible to avoid the course getting full. Whenever there is a full number of candidates confirmed, we close the registrations for the specific batch.

Would you like to ask anything else? Send us a message >