Many Holocaust survivors and other victims of WWII embarked on their restitution journey not knowing whether they would ever be successful, often not even aware of their legal rights to recover their property. Shoahlegacy is an independent think-tank non-profit organisation focusing on provision of adequate social welfare and legal support to such victims.

‘’When Shoalegacy approached us to help them design a database for academics and social policymakers, we didn't hesitate to step in and developed an interactive web database that allows users to access the restitution policies within easy to understand interactive interface’’ noted Jana Vecerkova, founder of Data4You.


Our goal was to translate and streamline the data from Immovable Property Restitution Study and Database on National Social Welfare Policies into a simple and easy to read database to further assist accessing the data for all those in need. The key to success was simplification and customization for the older user group that would benefit from this database design solution the most. We hold a weekend hackathon in October 2016 for our Coding Bootcamp Praha students who showed interest in creating the solution. Together with Jan Polák, our lead instructor, the participants developed the fully working project. Check our the live result yourself.

Seeing the positive impact of applied programming is another reason why we love to teach our students how to develop programs that make the world a better place.

Written by Michala Kalfírtová

- November 2017 -