One of the first factors that people interested in a coding bootcamp investigate is the alumni success rate. What is a success rate? The percentage of students who got a job after the bootcamp within a certain amount of time. Now, stop here for a moment and think! Is this really all is important? We do not think so because if you only analyse the success rate in such a general way, then you might end up with a completely wrong choice! The reason is that good quality bootcamps only count the students who got a job in the tech industry as a software engineer. Unfortunately not every coding bootcamp takes transparency seriously and many will claim a near 100% hiring rate despite most of their graduates did not get programming-related jobs.

If considering a coding bootcamp, ask the hard questions! Be curious about the real meaning of the hiring rate, how it is calculated, at what companies do the graduates work and at what positions. At the Coding Bootcamp Praha we are committed to transparency and fully disclose how our hiring rate is calculated. The percentage of students who (1) have successfully completed the bootcamp (received the Certificate of completion), and (2) looked for a fulltime job, (3) have found a job within two months upon graduation is 96%. But what does this number really mean?  

A student successfully graduates only if (1) they passed all progress tests, the final exam and fulfilled the minimum criteria for the final project and (2) attended at least 90% of the classes. On average 75% of students from each batch successfully graduate. Also, we have on average 10-15% of students in each batch that attend the Bootcamp because they have a startup project in mind and wish to create an MVP of their product within the Bootcamp. These students are not applying for jobs upon graduation but continue developing their project, often with a continuing support from our side.

At the Coding Bootcamp Praha we also offer a Job Guarantee Scheme. Check if you are eligible and how it works in our dedicated article. If you are eligible and meet the study and HR criteria, then we guarantee that we refund the Tuition Fee in case the student has not found a job. 

Are you curious about the companies where are graduates work? Either check them out on our website or you can follow their paths in our alumni section of LinkedIn

- March 2018 -