On Monday, October 22nd 2018, Hospodářské noviny - one of the most prestigious daily newspapers in the Czech Republic - featured the Coding Bootcamp Praha programme. The article called "The Programming Courses Organisers Report Enormous Interest", written by Kristýna Dlasková, includes an interview with one of our successful students, Daniela Zelinková, who talks about her major career change from working at a bar to programming for Rohlik.cz, where she has been employed for two years.

More than 90% of our applicants strive for a career change and want to become junior developers. Age doesn't really matter - there are fresh high school graduates as well as people in their forties among the participants.

Jana Večerková, the founder of the Coding Bootcamp Praha, comments in the article that "there have been students who finished the course on Friday and started to work on Monday". Programming courses generally require a lot of time and hard work from their participants. Jana describes the process as follows: "If we were to count the hours which our students usually spend studying with their mentors, it would be comparable to approximately two years at a university." Such time-consuming commitment often means that the participants must leave their jobs in order to focus on the coding bootcamp. Jana points out the importance of unpaid vacation: "It is a useful model for both employers and employees because after our students finish the course, they can directly move to their IT department and they are usually very loyal. It is a pity that there are not more companies like that. It forces our students to switch employers."

When it comes to money, Jana emphasizes that those who chose this field only to make more money will not be good at it, because it takes a great deal of effort and drive to be constantly learning and improving. On top of that, Jana recommends to IT juniors to make a job decision based on the quality of their future team and whether there are senior programmers who can act as mentors. 

We are happy to see that the topic of switching careers into programming is becoming mainstream! Read the full article HERE.

- October 2018 -