Most people use the standard way to get hired - applying for several jobs where they send their CVs or LinkedIns. But if you are a creative person and want to work for your dream company, you might think of more personal ways to get the attention. 

Do effective networking

Going to tech events is always interesting and you can meet cool people there. The biggest companies usually hold events to present their new (or old) products or services. If you really want to network effectively you should search this type of events by your companies of choice.

Before you attend the event, research about the projects and the technologies that they use. Once you attend try to find someone who works in the company. It's better if she/he is a tech worker so you can speak about the technologies. However, before the event ends make sure that you got contact also on their HR staff member, so that you can follow up smoothly.

Be interested in their tech stack

If you really want to work for a specific company go further in the technologies that they use. Many companies have open-cource projects that you can contribute to. Most of the companies want to see their future employees to be excited about the solutions they use.

Going for a job interview and asking questions about their technologies is a decent start. But if you can show any project you have built yourself, which utilises a similar tech stack, that's gonna bring you further. 

Be creative in your technical portfolio but also show some personality

At the Coding Bootcamp Praha we always remind you to keep your portfolio updated. Do it creatively by giving it a personal touch. 

The companies are not only interested in getting to know your skills but also you as a person. We spend majority of our time working with colleagues and building together in teams. Thus, the companies evaluate whether you are a good fit and if you are easy to cooperate with. As a newbie it is your task to make sure you fit in and not the other way round, so show that you are easy-going.

After all, if you want your dream job, make sure that you are a dream employee!

- March 208 -