In pursuit of a new environment, Ondřej Hotový decided to change the big corporate surrounding to a more ''balanced'' one - Coding Bootcamp Praha. The pressure of data overloading, as being a business intelligence analyst, pushed him to find a more fulfilling career. As he said ''I wanted something that will make me feel more proud of myself''. 

Struggles as being a programmer are an everyday reality, but Ondřej found a balance in ''switching his mind off'' in gaming, ludicrous videos, and sarcastic content.

Ondřej, what would be your short intro?

You grow more and more by doing complex tasks. Web development and strategy games are complex in many ways. That’s what fulfills me.

Tell us what being a Web Developer means for you?

I tend not to be a developer only during working hours but, as a fan of strategy games, I find myself often thinking of how to find coding solutions while taking a bath hahaha... I guess that's what being a web developer means.

What were your reasons to start in Coding Bootcamp Praha and what was the experience?

I suck at learning on my own, I shamelessly admit it :-) So I was searching for a suitable way of learning. I also think that it can be pretty overwhelming, just looking around and wondering what are the good entry points to IT, and where to start. So a coding bootcamp is a sort of a consolidated entry point, which works perfectly for me and for the way I learn.

My experience was enjoyable, fun, and tough!

Not necessarily in that order :-D Learning something new can be tough but I always found it fun too. It’s enjoyable when you manage to crack some problem that's presented or that you might create for yourself and the feeling is very satisfactory. What we have learned was basically opening some future possibilities to look forward to, but that's also what made it enjoyable. 

How intensive was the program from your experience?

Usually, I study in very lazy ways, just lie on the couch, do something very undemanding. So I appreciated that the program is seriously intensive, and all-consuming when it comes to time and energy as well. It might sound like a lot but it’s what I signed up for!

What advice can you give to someone who is starting a web development career like you?

Obviously, the first piece of advice is: do the studies. Plan for them, and be more thorough with the execution of the plan than I was. But actually take into account the fact that it will take some time, try to get into the habit of looking at new materials at scheduled times. For example, the recommended amount for the Prebootcamp Studies is like what, 80 hours? Well, definitely plan for that. If you have previous experience with IT, then maybe you won't need it, that's fair enough, but still do not underestimate it and create a good study plan.

What is the most memorable moment of the bootcamp?

I would probably say the hackathons when you manage to deliver the final milestone, that's good for your ego :-) In general, I enjoyed the structured environment when you are sort of “forced to sit and study”, it helps to avoid distractions. 

What is your conclusion after finishing the bootcamp and starting a new career? 

After seven and a half years in a big corporation, I don't want to work there if I can avoid it. Everyone is free to do so. I am proud of the courage I took. I was in the education part of Bootcamp and now I am a software developer. Happy, on my way to grow more. A good bootcamp can give you the basics but can not possibly ever prepare you for everything you will encounter in your job. Most of the time, you understand what your employer wants but you need to improve yourself and work on yourself to deliver the right thing.