The interview with Ján Poprocsi, the Coding Bootcamp Praha graduate of the Autumn Batch 2017. Read his story in his words:

Something over a year before the bootcamp I finished my high school studies and I decided to jump into working environment rather than continuing my studies at a university. I worked as an advisor in electronics retail. During this time I've realised that I would like to get back to programming. I started programming in my high school years as I really enjoyed it. Step by step I realized I would like to go back and become a software developer. So, I started studying on my own and after more than half a year I decided that I need more structure and guidance. I started researching the possibilities. After that I have stumbled across coding bootcamps and one of them was in Prague. For me it was convenient because of the location, which was only 670km from my home place and also for the price which is significantly lower than other bootcamps around the globe. The curriculum presented on their website was also fitting my needs. 

At the bootcamp it was not always fun and games but it was also a lot of hard work and sometimes pushing beyond limits. I had days where I was coding for 12-15 hours in a day, but there were also days when we had a lot of fun and went out for a beer. Other students were really great and we made a great team together. I feel that we became friends there and we often spent our weekends together. Instructors were really great and they have taught us well and a lot. A really great thing was that there are various instructors so you can taste different teaching ways and have diverse lessons. We had a lot of fun and a challenging experience on the hackathons, which we really enjoyed and also it was a great experience in the team work aspect. Working and finishing our team projects and then their presenting them showed that everyone of us put something from him into the final result. We ended the bootcamp after 12 intense weeks with a Demo Day where we presented our final project, which we chose and built in a small team. 

We have also received a great support on the job hunting part and also on preparation for interviews. HR workshops were really helpful along with tuning our CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Meeting some company partners opened doors for some of us and others found their way on partnering companies website called StartupJobs. A lot of us were even receiving offers 3-4 weeks before the end of the bootcamp, which was really encouraging.

After the bootcamp the real job hunt have begun for me. I went to various interviews and have done numerous tasks for companies as an entry task. In 2 weeks I got a call from a US company when I was on my way to an interview. I was interested in the offering they gave me. I did a weather app for them and then I went to an interview. In 1 week from the call I was their new employee! I work for IBM in their consulting company called Bluewolf, an IBM-owned company. It's a consulting and development company for Salesforce, which is a CRM software. I'm a Junior Salesforce and currently Vlocity Developer. We work with languages like Apex, Javascript and using Visualforce, which is an component based framework using also HTML tags. For the CSS part we are using SLDS, which is something similar to Bootstrap.

If you are thinking about changing your career and making living from programming and also joining this amazing coding bootcamp, then I would suggest to firstly make sure that you enjoy programming and intense hours of code writing. After that make sure to go through basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and so on to at least make it easier for yourself at the beginning of the bootcamp. You can follow the advice and materials which are offered by the Coding Bootcamp Prague for future students. 

As last but no least If I should pin point one favourite thing from Coding Bootcamp Praha - it is the great cooperation and helpfulness of instructors and also students attending. Together it is much easier than just by yourself. A big thank you goes to all who stand behind the Coding Bootcamp Praha as they have changed my life and helped me do what I love and make a living from it.

- April 2018 -