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How to apply to the Coding Bootcamp Praha?

STEP 1 - APPLICATION (5-10 mins). The first step to apply for the Coding Bootcamp Praha is filling out this application form and telling us about yourself and your motivation.

STEP 2 - ONLINE REVIEW (5-20 mins). This step depends on the type of bootcamp you apply for. For the Data Science Bootcamp or Frontend Web Development Bootcamp, you get assessed automatically via the application form (and an optional subsequent call, if it is beneficial for you). For the Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp, we will shortly contact you to set up an interview for discussing your experience and expectations to assess whether the bootcamp is the right course for you.

STEP 3 - EVALUTION & CONFIRMATION (within 24 hours). If you meet the requirements for the course, you can proceed to booking your place and start getting ready for the programme. Once you are confirmed, you get access to any recommended prebootcamp materials.

In case you have any questions FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US HERE.


Coding Bootcamp Praha Students