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10 YouTube Channels For Learning Basic Frontend Development

Learning to code is easier now than ever before. You can find tons of free tutorials covering the basics of frontend development. And really that boils down to just 3 languages: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. And besides written tutorials you can also find lots of free video tutorials on YouTube. Those are mostly hidden away on great channels that you have to search to find.

All the channels I’ve listed below focus on development and should give you an excellent place to start. These are all totally free and they cover a wide variety of languages, some even going beyond frontend topics so you can become a well-rounded coder across the board.

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Google’s quantum computing researchers have been planning a party—but new results from a competing team at China’s Alibaba may have postponed it. The China-America corporate rivalry on an obscure frontier of physics illustrates a growing contest between nations and companies hoping to create a new form of improbably powerful computer.

In March, Google unveiled a chip called Bristlecone intended to set a computing milestone. It could, Google said, become the first quantum computing system to perform a calculation beyond the power of any conventional computer—a marker known as quantum supremacy. The group’s leader, John Martinis, suggested it could reach supremacy this year, updating an earlier prediction that his team might do so in 2017.

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A Strategy Guide To CSS Custom Properties

CSS Custom Properties (sometimes known as ‘CSS variables’) are now supported in all modern browsers, and people are starting to use them in production. This is great, but they’re different from variables in preprocessors, and I’ve already seen many examples of people using them without considering what advantages they offer.

Custom properties have a huge potential to change how we write and structure CSS and to a lesser extent, how we use JavaScript to interact with UI components. I’m not going to focus on the syntax and how they work (for that I recommend you read “It’s Time To Start Using Custom Properties”). Instead, I want to take a deeper look at strategies for getting the most out of CSS Custom Properties.

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Landing The Concept: Movie High-Concept Theory And UX Design

Steven Spielberg once famously said, “If a person can tell me the idea in 25 words or less, it's going to make a pretty good movie.” He was referring to the notion that the best mass-appeal ‘blockbuster’ movies are able to succinctly state their concept or premise in a single short sentence, such as Jaws (“It’s about a shark terrorizing a small town”) and Toy Story (“It’s about some toys that come to life when nobody's looking”).

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