What are the companies looking for? Am I qualified to get employed as a software developer right after the bootcamp? What can I do to make it happen? Switching fields is not an easy task and looking at the jobs descriptions adds can a daunting experience. We have made it easier for you by putting together our Top 5 Career Advice that we provide to the Coding Bootcamp Praha students.

  1. Maximize your bootcamp experience. Work hard, study with others, think about what you are doing and be curious. At Coding Bootcamp Praha we have exam checkpoints and project submissions so that you always know where you stand with your knowledge. The 12 weeks are fully immersive, thus join the ride 100%. 
  2. Update your CV and LinkedIn. Explain your career switch there in few words and focus on your new skill set. Update your LinkedIn with the right keywords. Include the right keywords and you will start receiving job offers from headhunters quickly. We hold dedicated group and individual sessions for our students to help them with their personal presentation.
  3. Network. Go to events and hackathons and talk to potential employers. To our students and alumni we provide a weekly list of tech events happening around Prague and also organize Alumni Reunions. Do not be shy, even if you feel that the topic is above your current knowledge level. Everyone is there to learn! Don't miss a chance to learn from the experience of our past graduates.
  4. Apply for the right jobs at the right time. Do not apply too early during the bootcamp because you might get turned down from your dream company just because the advanced topics have not yet been covered. Also, check the job requirements / do not waste time applying for jobs, which expect a senior level programmer. Your goal is finding a job where you can keep on improving your skills by working alongside experienced developers.  
  5. Keep coding. Develop your Final Project and give it your best. Test your skills on programming challenges & exam websites. Offer your services to an NGO or a friend who needs a web app. Our graduates typically start their job in the industry within one month of their graduation, resulting in a 90% hiring rate. 

Keep a positive attitude. This may look obvious but people keep making this mistake every day - make sure that the potential employer knows that you really want to work for them. Show some excitement and look up their current projects. Finally, make it clear that you will do anything it takes to become a valuable member of their team. The last point will win you many interviews as it shows that you are aware that you need to continue learning, that you love to keep on learning and that you are as passionate about tech and the product as they are. Stay in shape, be ready and it's gonna turn out well!

- January 2018 -