Joana Jacome, a Portuguese graduate of the Spring Batch 2018, worked in client support before joining the Coding Bootcamp Praha. She came across programming tasks in her job and she realised she wants to learn programming to make her work smoother. Ultimately, she fell in love with web development so much that she changed her career and became a Applications Developer (Frontend) and the International Data Group.

1) What did you do before the bootcamp and why did you decide you want to learn programming?

Before signing up to the bootcamp, I was working as Client Support Analyst where I was asked to troubleshoot software issues, and if I was not capable to solve any bug I would have to escalate the issue to the web development team. That experience sparked my interest in wanting to delve into the world of programming – I envisioned myself having the skills to solve complicated issues that I was not able to do before.

When I got in touch with the bootcamp, they told me one of the prerequisites to follow a 12 week programme in Full Stack Web Development would be to follow all the pre-bootcamp studies. And that is what I did. I studied HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. The more I studied, the more I fell in love with programming: with the potential of designing my own websites, the creativity and the problem-solving skills that it requires to build a fully functional website that will attract users to my website.

2) What made you choose the programme? What did you expect before the programme and were your expectations met?

I chose the Bootcamp Praha because of the structure of the programme and because they were clear that the completion of this programme would require my entire commitment in order to be successful. The program focused on front-end and back-end technologies – for now I would say I am more inclined to enhance my experience as a front-end developer.

3) How was your experience at the bootcamp?

My overall experience at the bootcamp was positive – I had amazing instructors who were always ready to challenge me to think when I was stuck, to research and make use of the resources that are offered to us as developers to surpass any issues that may prevent us to move forward. Let’s be honest this will be the scenario that we, as developers will face in a real job environment, we will have challenges and knowing how to debug, to overcome problems by yourself - that will help you with your own personal and professional development. During the bootcamp, I was pleased to see that my colleagues shared the same passion for programming as I did, and they were always willing to stop what they were doing to assist me.

4) What was the biggest challenge during the bootcamp and how did you overcome it?

The biggest challenge in the bootcamp was to absorb all the information that was given – but I surprised myself when I started to review the topics by myself after the bootcamp and all the information was pretty much consolidated in my mind. I was very pleased to see that. But we were constantly advised that programming requires practice – that is the pure truth, the more you do, the better you become.

5) What do you think about the job support?

The bootcamp helped to polish my CV and linked in profile, and while I was still studying I was already receiving proposals. The bootcamp brought in experts of the tech field and we became aware of the challenges we may face. 

6) How long did it take you to find a job, where do you work now and what is your position?

I completed the programme on July 13 2018 and after applying to several companies in Prague I got an offer at the beginning of August as a junior front end developer. After reviewing their expectations, I accepted and started working there. However, within a month I found a job that was even more suitable for me, so I now starting to work as an Application Developer (frontend) for the International Data Corporation and I am looking forward to keep on learning.

7) What would you advise to anyone who considers signing up for a coding bootcamp?

For anyone wishing to apply to the Data4You Coding Bootcamp Praha, I recommend that you follow strictly the resources provided before the start and commit yourself to follow the lessons, exercise after the class is over, come next day with questions and collaborate with your team members to strengthen your knowledge and put yourself ready to get a job right after the bootcamp.