We are aware of the difficult times that many people are going through. We’d love to help out by offering a 50% scholarship to a winner of our Quiz Game. If you are thinking about changing your career take part in the game and discover how to make it in IT.

IT is a great choice for a safe stable career so we want to make it easier for everyone. Do not delay your career change as now is the best time for it!  Make it happen while having fun playing our game.

Game description

Let’s play a game! We are awarding a 50% scholarship for the Autumn Batch to the winner of the Quiz Game. However, making it in IT is not easy, so you will have to earn it.

Here you have the link to the first Quiz that it will be followed by 2 more with 8 questions each one. You will always have 2 possible answers named with “0” and “1”. To participate in the game you must like the post and submit your answers in the comments section of each Quiz post, Eg. a:1, b:0, c:0, d:0, e:0, f:0, g:1, h:1 The question b was hard, but I think I have all of them correct.

If you answer correctly all the quiz questions you will get a hidden letter in the code. You can win the discount by submitting all the correct answers in the comments and sending us the deciphering the code.

How can I qualify for a scholarship

In order to be admitted at the Coding Bootcamp Praha you need to submit your application, as any new student. If you are participating in the game and you want to qualify for the Quiz Game scholarship you must let us know in your application form (please mention the “Quiz Game Scholarship”). The scholarship is only available for students who apply during the Quiz Game period (20 July - 9 August 2020).

You must submit your application for the Autumn batch 2020 before the 9th of August. At this point, the 3 quizzes will have been posted and as soon as you submit the right answers, you must send the decrypted code to the email quiz@data4you.cz in order to qualify for the discount.

Rules and prize

In order to get your discount you must follow all the game rules:

  • Submit the correct answer to each Quiz in the comment on Facebook or Linkedin.

  • Like each Quiz post on the social media where you submitted your answer.

  • Point out the participation in the Quiz Game in your application form before the 9th of August 2020 at midnight (please mention the “Quiz Game Scholarship”)

  • Submit the correct decrypted discount code before the 9th of August 2020 at midnight (send your answers to quiz@data4you.cz).

  • Pass the selection process as the rest of the new students.

  • The discount will be applied on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means that the first student, which complies with all the rules and submitted the most correct answers is awarded the scholarship.

We already said it, but we want to remind you that the prize of this Quiz Game is a 50% scholarship discount for our next batch. So what are you waiting for? Start playing now by clicking on our first Facebook or Linkedin Quiz!

If you have already completed our first Quiz, it is time to go for the second one! Share your answer on your Facebook or LinkedIn.

Check the third Quiz on Facebook or LinkedIn. Get the right answers and decrypt the code to win a 50% scholarship for our Autumn batch.

The game is on! See you in the comments.