This is the top 5 of the news from the most popular tech digital newspapers.

New CSS Features That Are Changing Web Design

There was a time when web design got monotonous. Designers and developers built the same kinds of websites over and over again, so much so that we were mocked by people in our own industry for creating only two kinds of websites:

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Facebook is reportedly thinking about launching its own cryptocurrency

It appears that social media giant Facebook might be contemplating rolling out its own cryptocurrency, reports suggest.

The company is purportedly looking into using cryptocurrency to facilitate payments across its various services, according to a report from Cheddar. The publication further suggests the efforts will be led by David Marcus, who was heading the Facebook Messenger unit until recently.

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10 Code Snippets for Creating Masonry Grid Layouts

Tumblr and Pinterest popularized the masonry grid. It is a common layout style for variable sized images, and it’s a great way to get images to fit nicely into a grid structure. If you’ve ever wanted to build a masonry grid layout without all that hard work then you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve collected ten free open source snippets below all featuring custom masonry grid layouts. Easy to copy, easy to edit, and perfect for all developers.

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Google to warn when humans chat with convincing bots

Google says it will take steps to ensure that humans are not fooled when they get called by software bots that can convincingly mimic the human voice.

Anyone called by the bot will be told they are conversing with a machine, Google told tech news site the Verge. The vocal skills of the Duplex bot were demonstrated at Google's I/O developer conference this week when it was shown booking a hair appointment.

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Google I/O Developer Roundup: What’s New?

The Google I/O keynote opened with an animation asking us to “Make Good Things Together,” and in this article, I’m going to round up some of the things announced in the Keynote and Developer Keynote, that are of interest to Smashing readers. The announcements in the keynote were backed up by sessions during the event, which were recorded. To help you use the things announced, I’ll be linking to the videos of those sessions plus any supporting material I’ve been able to find.

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