Curious about the last phase of the Coding Bootcamp Praha? Read the summary of the interesting team projects of the Spring Batch of Coding Bootcamp Praha. The final results got presented on 13 July in the Demo Day at the HubHub Prague.


Samuel and Tomáš are the members of the team, which is developing Sparring. Sparring is a website to connect the people who want to do sports with the trainers of every sport. The team's cooperation is really good. “We are both more backend-oriented developers, so we are working together and helping each other with the Laravel tasks”, Samuel said. Tomáš thinks that the most important lesson he learnt is writing down all the files that you will need to use and follow the correct path from the beginning. They will use it as a good practice to continue improving their skills but also Samuel already showed this project in a job interview, and it helped him land the job. This is the youngest team in the current batch. Next to a job both students will also study at the Czech Technical University in Prague after the summer. Samuel will work part-time as a web developer at AMI Praha.

Beer Selector

This is the biggest team in this batch. Nicole, Sean, Liva and Enrique are working on a Beer Selector. A website to show your perfect style of beer when you choose your preferred attributes. The project is based on Laravel and React and they divided the frontend and the backend to work as a professional team but also with a close relationship between both parts. These guys give us some advice to the future students. Liva said: "I think my advice to develop a big project is spend enough time to know all the steps clear from the beginning". Also, Sean added that: "you should ask the instructor when you are stuck, otherwise you’ll spend two days trying to solve something that probably the mentors can solve in two minutes". About what they learnt developing this project Nicole said: "We just tried to learn as much as we can with this project. Develop a big and real project is very useful for improving all the new knowledge".

Motion tracker

Timothy and Ondřej are developing a Motion tracker. A social network app to sharing your favourite movies with your friends and store which of them you watched already. The collaboration in this team it’s going really well. "I think if you choose a project that you love, you have a great result and that’s what happened in this project", said Ondřej. If we can give some tip to the future students is that: "you should think well about every small piece that you will need for your project. Also, you might try to use the things that you are learning in classes in your own project". Timothy will start his new job the first Monday after the Bootcamp as a mid-senior web developer. This team will continue developing their project. It’s already online and they will continue work on it and develop this business idea.

Milorad is developing his own project idea by himself,, where anyone can find everything to organize the perfect wedding. This is his first job as a full stack web developer. He is working in this business idea for a real client. will be used for a real business in his country, Montenegro. Milorad shared his secret how he developed this website on his own: "Be patient. The most important skill that you should have when you are developing a big project is being patient. You have to know that everything can get errors the first time". Milorad is searching for a job in Prague to continue improving his programming skill from a professional as he did in the Bootcamp.


Trip4you is being created by Laura and Joana. On this web, you can find everything for working remotely and enjoying your free time while travelling. Laura is working on the frontend and Joana on the backend in a tight cooperation. They are supporting and helping each other when they are stuck. Developing this project taught them many valuable lessons. When you have any doubt, you learn more if you search for it and try to solve the problem by yourself before asking the instructor. For all the teams the Bootcamp means more than a programming course. But probably that phrase has even more meaning for this team. In words of Joana: "Thanks to this Bootcamp I learnt a lot of new technologies and I really find what I want to do it and about what I feel real passion.

- July 2018 -