Enrique Calvo - or Kike as we learnt to call him - studied business and economics at the University of Salamanca before joining the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme. Kike spent six months at Data4You as an Erasmus fellow to brush up his entrepreneurial skills. He focused on marketing and business development. While he was helping two batches of the Coding Bootcamp Praha students, he realised that he would love to learn programming himself. It was actually the main skill he needed to make his entrepreneurial idea come live. Data4You awarded Kike a full scholarship because we saw a true potential in him and also for his contribution to the Coding Bootcamp Praha. This scholarship enabled Kike to attend the Spring Batch of the Coding Bootcamp Praha. How was his experience?

1) What did you do before the bootcamp?

I joined the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs at the Data4You doing primarily digital marketing but also other activities.

2) Why did you decide that you want to learn programming?

I came from a business and economic background but I have always been interested in the tech and the programming stuff. I think I never gave myself enough time to go further with that before this Bootcamp. I saw in the Coding Bootcamp Praha the opportunity to change my career, create my project and learn from scratch the coding skills.

3) What made you choose the programme? What did you expect before the programme and were your expectations met?

I chose Prague because the tech market here is very good. I expected that it will be hard and I will learn a lot, and it was hard and I learned more than I expected! :)

4) How was your experience at the bootcamp?

The environment is very welcoming. They really understand that almost everyone comes from a non-technological background and what we need is to learn as fast as possible. They have created a very good environment. It's awesome how people coming from different parts all over the world can work and learn together. The instructors are all experts in the different areas but they also know how to teach the basics. Every instructor there is very willing to help. You can text them any time even if it's out of the class hours and they reply to you as soon as they can.

After every two weeks, you have the Friday Hackathon! That means in teams you'll great a new web project from scratch. Definitely, it's one of my favourite parts of the Bootcamp. During the Demo Day, we presented a big team project that we started to develop in the half of the Bootcamp. It's the perfect final for these 12 weeks, with some good talks, networking and projects. 

5) What was your favourite part of the Coding Bootcamp Praha experience?

The Hackathons. I like how we start a new team project from scratch and how we developed a web that you can continue working on it and improving as far as you want.

6) What was the biggest challenge during the bootcamp and how did you overcome it?

I think JavaScript in general. It was a big challenge because you have to understand the programming logic and change your mind to think with that logic. But after some study hours and some extra explanation from the instructors somehow just everything started to make sense.

7) What do you think about the job support?

All it's very useful. It's easy get a job after the bootcamp if you follow all this workshops and advice about the tech market. Something that surprised me before starting the Bootcamp is that their students hiring rate is 90%, once I have finished it doesn't surprise me any more.

8) How long did it take you to find a job, where do you work now and what is your position?

My situation is a bit different from normal students, I didn't look for a job as I'm developing my own project.

 9) What would you advise to anyone who considers signing up for a coding bootcamp?

I recommend to do the the recommended free online programming courses before the Bootcamp. Quite basic but enough to realize the most important concepts. And that you like programming! This is more important than the basic knowledge. During the Bootcamp you can learn it all (if you study a lot) even if you arrive just with a basic knowledge. But you need to make sure that you really like it! The hardest thing is dedicating more than 8 hours per day to something that you don't like it. So If you are sure that you enjoy it everything is gonna be alright.